Fanpage administration service at TheAsia is like?

1 / Create a Fanpage

If you do not have a Fanpage, we will base on the characteristics of your business and the type of business activities to create the most appropriate Fanpage. Creating a Fanpage appropriate to the characteristics of the business is extremely important. Because they make it easier for customers to find you as well as make full use of the features Facebook offers.

2 / Build content that is engaging and constantly updated

After initializing Fanpage and preliminary update but initial information. We will conduct searches and edit interesting news, attracting readers. The news will be updated on a regular basis to ensure the freshness and professionalism for Fanpage.

3 / Share Fanpage on the community

Based on the business characteristics of the company we will filter and find relevant communities. All news posted on Fanpage will also be widely shared on relevant communities (Page, Group, …) to increase brand coverage for your Fanpage and attract users to visit.

4 / Increase the credibility for Fanpage

By professional tricks, we will set up the necessary factors to increase the “trust” for your Fanpage, limit the risks of Facebook Page blocking, or spam, reports. bad fox.

5 / Analyzing competitors

DMA’s Fanpage administration service not only takes care of Fanpage for you, we also analyze competitors, track their Online Marketing campaign reviews and propose the most optimal solutions for the campaign. Your Marketing Translation.

6 / Facebook Advertising

Depending on customers’ requirements, DMA will provide you with a service package running fanpage ads to help increase access and attract user interaction.

How to manage Fanpage effectively?

1 / Content is king

An effective Fanpage is a page with articles directed at a specific subject or field. The content of each article must fully meet the following factors: authenticity, meaning, entertainment.

2 / Fanpage must be very friendly

Besides building a Fan community, Fanpage needs to create a connection with the community of friends in the same field through searching, liking and following other pages.

3 / Sharpen images

People look with their eyes first, then listen with their ears. Therefore, all images on Fanpage must be carefully elaborated, beautifully designed and professional. That’s what you respect you and your customers.

4 / Frequent interaction with customers

Responding to customer messages, comments, receiving and quickly responding to all customer requests on the Fanpage will make them get a sense of care, well served. This will help you create sympathy and retain customers.

5 / Insight analysis, optimization

The Facebook Insights feature gives administrators valuable data to capture customer psychology, knowing what content they’re most interested in. From that analysis, you can come up with the most optimal adjustment solutions.

Fanpage administration service of TheAsia is nothing special?

With the “can’t be cheaper” cost of the business Fanpage management package at DMA, what will you get?

– Constantly updating new articles, related to products and services with attractive, attractive content, calling users to action – “call to action”.

– Fanpage is carefully polished, giving users the view of a professional company.

– Design beautiful banner templates, in accordance with Facebook image standards.

– Increase access, interaction, Follow Fanpage.

– Help to increase awareness for brands, products, and services in the best way.

– Maximum cost savings but still earned the best quality of service.