TheAsia is one of the prestigious units, with a team of years of industry experience. will advise Online Marketing & Overall Marketing strategies, helping your business to cover the entire market through channels, with the best cost-effective night.

Talking about the overall marketing, the main channels that customers are most interested in are: Website, Youtube, Facebook, Zalo .. so when implementing the Overall Marketing TheAsia will also focus all energy on these channels to Pushing marketing to support each other and pulling up channels at the same time will save a lot of costs for customers but the highest possible effect.
What will we do to invite you to see the channels nearby!


Promote marketing on facebook channel including taking care of Fanpage, and running facebook ads. Implementing seeding strategies on other social systems such as linkedin, Medium, Instagram, Zalo …

SEM = SEO + Google Adwords

We will analyze and put out Plan to implement SEO strategy (Improve Website keyword rankings), Adwords Advertising advisor to promote marketing in each time for customers.

Youtube & Video Marketing

Our team will advise on the strategy to build a Youtube channel and launch Plan, Video advertising plans to reach increasing views. improve brand and business performance

PR & Advertisement

Write PR Marketing articles that place banner on reputable websites with high reliability. Help improve brand awareness.


Survey inquiries and advice

Based on the problems encountered by the brand, Sao Kim’s consultants will assist and recommend services tailored to each of your requirements.

Propose ideas

Based on input data and professional knowledge and brand design experience, Venus’ team will propose design ideas. These design ideas are all clearly presented and put into practical applications for you to easily decide.


After consulting, the two sides will agree to sign an implementation design contract

Complete the design pattern

After the design concept has been selected, Venus completes the design to the final version.

Handover and instructions

The final design is presented in the form of a guidelines for long-term application in business communication.

Overall Solution

Brand research

  • Industry research.
  • Research target customers.
  • Studying the opponent.
  • Internal research.
  • Brand Positioning Development.
  • Building great brand ideas

Strategy development

  • Analysis of brand experience.
  • Differentiation strategy.
  • Roadmap to create own brand experience.
  • Merge brand strategy and business strategy.

Brand design

  • Name & logo design
  • Company slogan
  • The brand identity
  • Application marketing documentation system

Brand communication

  • Develop a communication strategy.
  • Develop media ideas.
  • Develop communication plan.
  • Carry out communication activities.