Your business may encounter these business problems

  • Big e-commerce businesses have an in-house marketing team that mostly SME cannot afford. 

  • SMEs find it difficult to recruit good marketing team due to the lack of professional knowledge of Marketing and salary for talents are often too costly. 

  • The traditional online marketing agencies deliver such branding numbers (view, reach, click, or like) instead of sales numbers (orders, purchases, or sign-ups) ​

Our solutions

Performance Marketing simply means getting more of your website visitors to take the actions that you want them to take. Whether that means getting more newsletter sign-ups, purchases of your products and services, or downloads

Our Performance Marketing experts will use a systematic approach to make reliable performance optimizations to your website that drive real growth. 

Scope of work


Plan budget allocations for digital marketing channels and each type of advertising channel.


Create and optimize ads and budget flows to get the highest marketing (return on investment) effect.


Closely coordinating with the internal of the enterprise, making recommendations on programs, products, work processes to increase orders and closing rates.


Report daily cost, clicks, purchase rate, number of orders, sales.