Marketing services

Marketing strategy

The Asia provides a comprehensive solution, using and coordinating channels appropriately to meet the needs of increasing short-term sales and long-term sustainable growth of businesses.

  • Product analysis
  • Market research
  • Plan specific marketing for 6 months

$10 / per month

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Facebook content

Identify media tone and appropriate content topics, plan specific content for each month. Analyze content effectiveness each month and propose changes to optimize fanpage efficiency.

  • Content strategy
  • Write 15 complete articles / month
  • Program design every month
  • Effective content report

$50 / per month

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Performance marketing

The Asia will rely on information such as business model, product type, customer segment, the current needs of the business to advise on how to allocate the budget to bring the highest efficiency in terms of sales.

  • Budget allocation
  • Perform an ad run
  • Proposal
  • Effective report

Chanel Marketing

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

$80 / per month

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